Was On The U.s.s. Coral Sea Cva-43 Aircraft Carrier 1973 - 1975

I was in the Navy for 3 years. Went in of October 1972 - and left it October 1975. I served on the U.S.S. CORAL SEA CVA-43 AIRCRAFT CARRIER of April 1973 to the Time the Carrier was in Long Beach, California at the Dry Dock for refurbishing it, October 1975.  Been Overseas in the South China Seas for that Viet Nam War 2 times. April 1973 - August 1973 and December 1974 - July 1975.  I got my G.E.D. on the U.S.S. CORAL SEA with correspondence from St. Louis High School Honolulu, Hawaii of January 1974. I was 17 years old going into the Navy.  20 Years old leaving the Navy. Later if I had known better. My Interest was in Architecture.  Not Military. But I had learning disability for obtaining professional skills with things I liked. My other Interest is in Science.  Science outside of Military stuff. I like to know this Universe and World without trying to keep it all a Secret for Defense. I don't like Politics to get into how foreign affairs effects the military, to upgrade in the services. So it is all basic information here for now.

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