13 Year Veteran

I was in the Navy for 13 years before being discharged due to the PRT.  Initially I joined in 1989 and got an honorable discharge in 1995.  After a few years out, I rejoined in 1999 and then was discharged in 2006.  While in I went to bootcamp in Orlando and on to Nuclear Field A school for Machinest Mates.  I went on to Nuclear Power School then Prototype but was academically disenrolled at that time.  From there I was on the John F. Kennedy till I got out in 1995.  After rejoining I was briefly on the Uss Saipan before being put on Med-hold.  After this I was on the Uss Ponce for 4 years then went to the National Naval Medical Center where I stayed till discharged.  While at Bethesda I made one deployment with the Comfort to New Orleans right after Katrina.

All in all I loved my time in and would recommend it for anyone.

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Can we friends. Of course you don't know me but i'm
sure we could be if you decide to give I a chance. Look forward to a beautiful friendship.

One of the best experiences in my life and I highly recomend it. Just remind him that choosing his rate, what a person does in the navy, is key. There is a saying, "Choose your rate, choose your fate.". Different rates have different possibilities for postings, travel, and advancement.

Good to hear such positive experiences. I am hoping my son will join the navy, an option he has been considering for some time but has yet to take the plunge.