First Deployment

my husband and i are getting ready to go through our first 6 month deployment together. i was just wondering if anyone had any advice for me on how to cope with everything?or what they did to make time go faster.

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7 Responses May 4, 2010

Hey my name is Courtney my hub is in the Navy, we've been married the whole 4 years, and he just re enlisted. I last 2 years he has been gone 18 months. So I got to see him 6 months the past 2 years. It's def hard. Especially since we have a 2 year old, almost 3 year old little boy. Any my family is in Oregon. Were in Im far away from everything I know waiting for a man who never seems to be available. I met a few cool people but I cant seem to find a true friend. My advice is to really get out there and try and meet some good people..people you can vent to when your sad or just need someone to talk to.

Hi girl right now i am on my second deployment in two yrs, my husband left jan n will or maybe arrive in august unless they change the date. You will go through all emotions because I am going through them now. this one is insomnia lol girl I can not sleep to save my life. It is always great to have a support system this has help me so much but if u need any support i am on face book a whole lot to you can look me up

Yeah it will suck, no way around that, but with some nice people to talk to we can all get through it together so don't think you are alone!

everyone always tells me that the first month is the hardest and after that time seems to fly. i just hope its true. im really not looking forward to this.

Ya sweets im goin thru it to! Just know its gonna be hard as hell for the first month but stay busy get a good support system and know that everything will get better :) im here if u need anything!

okay! yeah im really not looking forward to the goodbye part. im sure i will cry for days

I'm going through the same thing, my husband just left on deployment so we will be in the same boat. If you need someone to talk to im here.