new in PCS japan (non english speaking country). married for 1 year. 1st time to be away from family (philippines). no friends here in my new world. hard to trust everyone. husband always on travel. can't find my confidence in this mix culture of military life. i wanna go back in PI. sorry to say, it's really tough to be a navy wife.
aynaku aynaku
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Hi aynaku,<br />
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Hope today is going better for you. Being alone in a new place is a huge challenge. For me, I try to think of it as a chance to really learn about the place where I'm living. I try to learn how to cook some local dishes I like, and learn about the local history. For me, it is frustrating to "try" to make friends. I usually get involved with a job or I volunteer, then I end up with friends eventually. This is easier than setting out to find a friend. <br />
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By the way, I'm in Hawaii. I've never had food from PI til I got here. Can you tell me hoe to make pork guisantes or chicken adobo?

I understand that is difficult to be a soldier and u know we got missions to complete for our nation.You feel lonely cuz u probably u feel anxiety cuz ur husband is not with but I think when got a chance He calls u back cuz he loves u...... I advise to u be patient I know is not easy specially <br />
If u are living in another country. take care.....My best wisches... Robert