Navy Fiancee With A Few Questions...

Hey everyone,

I'm no stranger to ep...first found this website when my boyfriend(now fiancee) left for boot camp. This website pretty much single handily helped me through those two hard months lol....anyways after Cory graduated I stopped getting on here as much, and then at all because I had him to talk to again (have talked everyday since he graduated Feb. 5th and so thankful of that!) but now that he has asked me to marry him I have so many questions running through my head and I couldn't think of a better place to come for advice/support/help then here! So I'm just gonna start off bye listing a few Q's...

1. Has anyone been through the paperwork process yet? What all goes with that?

2. Anyone plan on or already moved with their sailor, will I qualify for them to pay for our move?
(he is still in a school, witch is close to where i am now so I don't plan on moving with him til he goes to c school, wherever that may be)

3. I've heard it's better to get married before he graduates a school is this true?

4. We are planning on just having a courthouse wedding at first to get everything rolling then having a real wedding ceremony later on, has anyone else done this?

5. I have a daughter that is not biologically his, will she be covered by his insurance after we get married or will he have to adopt her?

If anyone can help with any of these questions that would be really great and helpful, thank you! Oh and feel free to ask me anything to :)
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Hi there! First off congratulations on your engagement!! My husband and I just got married in March and are having our big wedding in October of this year. I think I have a lot of the answers to your questions, atleast from what my experience has been. Just keep in mind that we currently live in Guam (which although it is a US territory, I don't know if it differs being stateside) and I don't know if and how much things change depending on whether he is on a surface ship or submarine (my husband is currently shore duty, but he is a submariner). Okay, here it goes. :D<br />
1.) I'm assuming you're talking about paperwork once you are married? You both go in to Pass and ID and fill out paperwork, that's pretty standard, name, DOB, address, SS# that kind of thing. They will need a copy of your marriage certificate and I believe a photo ID and then they will take your picture and give you your military ID. As far as the health insurance goes, I had to go on base (I did this back in San Diego because that is where I am currently living before I go back to Guam) and decide which type of insurance I wanted (TriCare Prime or TriCare Standard) and they gave me some info and that was that.<br />
2.) Okay this one, I can tell you what I know about my situation, but I'm not sure if it applies to yours. I moved out to Guam on my own and then later we were married. We will get new orders soon and will be moving. My understanding is that if you are married prior to orders so that you are included in the orders that they will move you (I don't know if they'll move your stuff from your place or only if its with his stuff in one location), if you are not included in the orders I don't think they will pay to move you.<br />
3.) I don't know the answer to this one because I met my husband when he was 3 years in, but if what I said above about not getting relocated with him once orders are cut and he will get orders before graduation, then you may want to take that into consideration. (Since Dave (my husband) was done with that part of the Navy when I met him I really know almost nothing about Boot Camp and C-School, so I would definitely try to get answers from someone else)<br />
4.) I have done the courthouse wedding in that we went, got the marriage certificate and then just hired a Justice of the Peace to marry us on the beach in Guam. For the marriage certificate you need your Birth Certificate and photo ID and both of you need to be present. I don't know how much it will cost for you guys but it cost us around $35 I think. After we got the certificate we had within a certain amount of time (I think less than a week) to do the ceremony. We had the ceremony, the Justice of the Peace signed it and we had our 2 witnesses print and sign their names and then we took it back signed a couple more things (again you both need to be there) and that was that. If you were to do it at the courthouse you could probably do it all in one day, but I don't know for sure. I do suggest however, that when you're there you order a few copies of your marriage certificate because you never know where you'll end up and how hard it would be for you to get more copies if you end up needing them. <br />
5.) So sorry, but I don't have any info on this, however, if getting her covered is an option I would be prepared to show any custody paperwork you have.<br />
<br />
I hope I've given you useful information. If you have any questions please let me know!