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Considering A Move To Bahrain!!!!!

Hello Ladies,

My husband and I are considering a PCS move to the base on al-Manama, Bahrain for a one-year contract.

I am usually pretty good at researching, but I'm hitting a bit of a wall as the main site for the base in Bahrain is not as informative as other base sites. I figured it's probably because not many dependents join the service members. I found a few videos about "American Alley" and the City Centre Mall, but I cannot find anything on available housing, the relocation process, or info on daily life and culture.
So, if any of you fellow Navy wives have been stationed there with your husbands, I would greatly appreciate shared experiences as far as daily life on and off base, how easy it was to find housing, etc. Basically, I would love to hear every little detail on how you felt about the experience. Thanks so much, and God Bless : )
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Who knew an unaccompanied tour to Bahrain would turn someone's world upside down.

My husband is stationed in Bharain, and i'm worried sick about what i'm hearing in Bharain. how easy to pick up women there. hopefully my husband will not be stupid enough to do something that woul tear our family apart.

My husband was stationed in Bahrain from 2006-2007. Beware of the hookers, they are everywhere in Bahrain, taking advantage of American Military members in particular. Just a word to the wise....

Hey. We are thinking the same thing. Have you found anything about it?

Hey. We are thinking the same thing. Have you found anything about it?

Hey. We are thinking the same thing. Have you found anything about it?

Hey. We are thinking the same thing. Have you found anything about it?

hi i will be in Bahrain next week for 2 yrs, r u still there ?

I know you posted this a while ago, so unsure if you ever found info out or moved here ect.<br />
I have been here nearing 3 1/2 years and met my now husband here 2 years ago! We're going to be in Bahrain for 9-12 months more then heading to America.<br />
<br />
Housing is VERY easy to find here, and the standards of housing are amazing. Extremely big, everything is fully furnished, and most places have pools are BBQ pits.<br />
I personally LOVE Bahrain and will be heartbroken to leave, the night life is great, the malls are HUGE, and the locals are slowly accepting the Americans. There isn't exactly much to do though, There are small islands where you would get a speed boat to visit them and spend the day sunbatheing, playing volleyball and sipping cocktails, which is less than $15 a ticket to get the boat there.<br />
<br />
American Alley is delicious, I'm British, so alot of the places to eat on the ***** are new to me, and there are also lots of British and asian places there.<br />
<br />
I hope this is a little helpful =]