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Hello, my name is Amanda and I am a Navy wife of 25... let me tell you our story, it is one of my favorite to tell

Adam (my wonderful Sailor) and I met in Aug of 2000... We became friends almost immediatly, but he had a girl friend at the time so friends was all we could be. He was a senior and I was a freshmen in high school at the time so he gradutated and headed to FL for college and I finished going through high school he came back to our home town for a while and we started talking and hanging out again. At the time I was at the end of a bad relationship. He asked me to be his " long distance girl friend" and I of course said yes... we started dating in Jan of 04 but it was tough because it wasn't the normal relationship that a girl of 17 is looking for he was in South Carolina and New York going through Nuke school. We dated for 1 year 1 month and 12 days before he asked me to be his wife. We were only engaged for 3 months 3 weeks before we got married . We moved to VA... where I became a Sub wife... aw that was crazy, but I loved it for sure. I was a sub wife for almost 2 years before my husband decided that he no longer wanted to be a Nuke so he was denuked and he became a Gunners Mate and got stationed on a Carrier, I had no clue what to expect and I couldn't even call on my friends I had made because they are all sub wives and have no clue about carrier life... my husband is now station on a DDG and I have no clue where this crazy ride is going to take us but I wouldn't trade it for anything....

I am hoping to met some wonderful new friends that I can lean onĀ 

I my sailor!
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Sounds like a heck of a ride :) my husband was stationed in a carrier until December 2010... we are "enjoying" shore duty right now. I would be happy to talk with you if you have any questions :)