My Life With My Navy Boyfriend

Me and my boyfriend have known eachother for 2 years. He is my best friends and i love him to death. When he told me he was in joining the Navy I was in the 10th grade he was in 12th. We were just friends but we both wanted more. We talked about it for a month and then we just knew we wanted to be together. For a whole summer and half my joiner year we were together. Then he left for bootcamp and now he is in A school. He missed so much and he keeps telling me how he wants to come home so bad. Im not sure what to say to him i just tell him that he will be on a plain to come home in no time it will go by fast and all that stuff. HTe only thing is its not going by fast. I miss him so much. He says he will marry me one day and i just cant help but to smile and cry of happyness bec he is an amazing man and i love him so much. I just wish i could do more for him.
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hey i feel ya i was there several months a go. It gets better after bootcamp. He will get more liberty and you guys will see each other more often. just remember that this time he is away is a time for you to focus on you and your goals in life too. just write to him and keep encouraging him. but dont get down keep ur head up so he will keep his up too.<br />
<br />
some things to remeber are:<br />
keep yourself busy<br />
dont worry(90% of what we worry about usualy dosent happen)<br />
pray often <br />
seek out friends to talk to<br />
make him some stuff to send in the mail. they love to show their buddys this stuff too.