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Hey yall. I am a new navy wife. We got married young and married fast. I am only 17 and we got married on the 4th of april. He left april 19. This has been the hardest week of my life and seems to keep getting worse. I love my husband more then anything. I have been wearing his clothes to bed the confort of them makes me feel like in a way were still connected. Is there any other young brides on here that can give me any advice? I would love to meet new people and here you guys story. Remember to keep your military men in woman in your prayers. Thankyou all for sending your loved ones as well to cover my husband. They all need someone on the lines with them.
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My husband and I got married last November, I was 16 and he was 19. I'm so glad I found your post! We were stationed in Alaska for 3 years so i'm away from all my family and it's so hard making new friends when no one is the same age as you, or around your age.. lol. How's life for you right now? :)

sorry i am just getting back to you i havent been on here in forever. I am on facebook though. Brianna Joyce Goforth is my name on there you can add me if you like. I love my life its amazing. Being marrieed young has only enriched it that much more. I have had to learn alot about the navy very fast so if you have any navy questions or relationship i would be happy to anwser them :)

Wow I couldnt imagine not being able to see my husband for that long. I am living on ba<x>se with my husband right now. I still really dont see him that much though he always has duty and school but we do. When does he graduate great lakes my husband may know him?

hi im nicole. my fiance just left a week ago fo great lakes it has been very had on both of us. he called me 2 days ago hystarically crying. he had a nevous breakdown earlier that day. he will be there fo another 8 weks before he graduates. he then will be going to san antonio. its so hard for me i cfry myself to sleep evernight. i have been wearing his clothes ever since he left i sleep with the the stuffed animal he sent me from a store nea the hotel he was staying at i spray his clogne on my pillow everynight and sleep on his side of the bed. he sent me a letter home that he wrrote on the plane. i read it every night. i watch the vidoes i have on my phone of him just so i can hear his voice. the day i recieved a phone call from him he also told me that he will have to go on a 6 moth deployment after all his training. he will get a week and a half of leave then he is to leave on a carrier.we are getting married 2 days after he gets back from A school. i cant wait till i get to see him again. i miss him so much!

Well i got married on June 11th while my husband was on harp duty were both 20 he left me a week later to return to a school all the way n Cali n I'm in lousiana he got new orders his first day back so we should be in everrtt wa in September but after that idk if he's gonna ship rite out or not everything is always soo sudden in the navy I'm still tryin to take it all in

Are you still in Everett? That's where me and my husband will be stationed we from Houston

aw i am sure you do and many people feel that way. try to invovle yourself in as many activities that are safe for you as possible keep your self busy but get plenty of rest that little one will be here soon :) congrats and good luck

I just got married on May 24th. I'm 19 and hubby is 23 =] We had been discussing marriage for a year, but rushed our marriage and did it in Cyprus. I'm about to hit 35 weeks pregnant! Myself and hubby have been together since June 2008, we met in May 2008 though. I personally feel like a 30 year old with being pregnant and not allowed to do anything haha.

Ive already got my paperwork too move onto ba<x>se with him im not sure why they wouldnt let your

hey ladies! i really dont want to burst anyones bubble but i know how devestated i was when i was told 1 thing and another happend. The navy WILL NOT allow you to move with your husband when he goes to schools. Schools are 6 months or less, the navy requires his "estimated time" to be more than 6 months so PCS (perm. change of station) orders for you to be "allowed" to move with your spouse. A and C schools do not qualify for a military move. They will not offer you ba<x>se housing or pay for your move anywhere your BAH will not increase to the state your husband goes to either. I know this because my husband went to boot in Sept 2008, i wanted to move up to GL with him but i was not allowed although my husband was kept in GL until August 2009 4 months after completing A school. After which he was sent to San Diego for C school from August 2009 to January 2010, again i was not allowed to move. He finally recieved his PCS orders to Norfolk but to a ship that had just begun their 8 month deployment. i could have moved to Norfolk then but there was no point seeing as my husbad wouldnot return until August 2010. So im very sorry ladies but the navy tell you one thing but its very rarely true. Just remember thoughout your husbands time enlisted "Hope for the best, but expect and prepare for the worst" If you do it will save you ALOT of heart ache.

jeff actually only gies 4 eight weeks they said it would be nine but it didnt end up that way. the navy sent me onfo about to weeks in on his graduation and it has jeffs adress on it and i started mailing stuff their. where will he be going to school at? and alot of recriters dont have all the informarion you just have to wait for it to come. i have a facebook or a cell phone if you have any ?'s

Thanks for the advice. I've got mixed signals on whether their recruiter gives you their address, or that they send a form to you that has their address on it? When did you receive that info? Ben had a great recruiter this whole experience and she moved to a different town 45 minutes away and he has a new "recruiter" in our city. His old recruiter told me I could keep in contact with her and she'd answer any of my questions, but I'm not sure if she would be getting his address since she is no longer technically his recruiter. <br />
Also, it sounds like it's pretty much exactly 2 months til their graduation, but other people were saying 9 weeks because of "P week"...that makes me feel better, also! Since it's been a month have things become easier?

my husband is at great lakes righ now and graduates june 17. i got my first letter 3 weeks in and first phone call on a friday on the fourth week. it all varies on the others in the camp and how well they do. i write jeff everyday and i would send that phone card very soon you never wanna be to late on it. phone calls are the best. i move into on ba<x>se housing soon after he graduates in june. does anyone else move to great lakes?

I'm so happy to see I'm not the only miserable one. This is day 2 since I've last seen my husband. He arrived in Great Lakes last night, and was able to call me from the airport and talk for a few minutes, which makes me miss him more, of course. So starting today I get to wait however many weeks to talk to him again. Our backstory, we've been together for 3 years, and were married April 23rd of this year, he's 26, I'm 25, and we have a little Yorkie who is our "Fur child" --He left a video on our computer to our dog and everytime I watch it I start bawling. I'm trying to write him "journal" type entries just telling him about my day, what I have done, or what I plan on doing. (Minus the emotional crying stuff). I think the hardest part for me is that I'm left packing up our house (I'm moving into my grandma's so we can save up money, and I won't have to be alone when I get home from work), so everytime I get home from running errands I walk into a half-empty version of the home we made together, and I can't stop crying. I know I just need to get out of there, because it's only more painful, but that was our home together, and it's so hard to make my grandma's house "home" without wishing I were at our actual home. But it's not home, not with him gone. So I have until the 12th to move out completely into my grandma's so I'm just dealing with all the stress of the moving on top of everything. Both my in-laws and my own family are terrific and want everything to be as easy as possible for me and want to help move, but I just want my husband here to be my partner in this situation. But I'm so proud of him for going into the Navy to be a better person, husband, future father, son, etc. And I just can't wait to send him all my letters letting him know all that. Sorry if I blabbed too much, I have so many emotions and it's nice to be in an environment where I know I'm not alone. P.S. Does anyone know when exactly they can start calling? I didn't send my husband off with a phone card because I figured I could put it in my first letter, figuring there would be enough time to where he would get my letter and not be able to use it for another week?

My husband and I have been married almost two years and got married at 18 and 21. He graduates boot camp June 17th and then we're moving to his A-School on June 21st in Goose Creek, SC. I was hoping someone would know a little bit about the ba<x>se there and could help me out. This is the first time we've been apart in 6 years and I have two little boys that don't understand where their Daddy went.

yes i have come to realize that. i cant not wait untill he graduates boot camp

I got married to my husband when I was 18 (last year) so I know exactly how you feel. It's rough, but there's a saying that goes "The distance between us makes us stronger" so you know when you see him you will be so excited. The hard times are what make the good times better.

wow quick marriage but i understand. true love has no boundries. We were married for two weeks before he left. its been almost 1 month and he is still gone. it is so hard but i know we both love each other very much and we can get through anything. we may be exspecting our first child so that makes things alot more difficult on me but i am staying strong and sticking with my support system

hi! i just got married yesterday! and my husband left today for Norfolk where he will be deployed for six months on the USS George HW Bush. we have been dating for only 3 months before hand! but! we are definitely in love more than anyone i know! haha! i sleep in his clothes and made him spray his cologne on my pillow case! i would love to keep talking to you girls!

Thankyou. Hearing that someone else is going through the same thing and is still going strong helps. My husband to will miss my 18 birthday and graduation. He even misses the little things that make it harder to get through my everyday life. To add to things me and his mom are about 100 percent positive im pregnant. It really adds to the stress of things. Jeff will be home in march of 2012 and i am counting down the days. I hope you have a great support system like i do because i know the people at my school just dont understan what i am going through.

I know how you feel, sweetheart.<br />
My husband I got married on December 21st while he was on leave. <br />
I was 17; he was 19.<br />
He left for Norfolk the day after New Year, and left on deployment on January 13th. <br />
He won't be home till the summer.<br />
I won't lie, the past few months have been incredibly difficult. He missed valentine's day. He missed my 18th birthday. He'll miss my high school graduation. Then next year, he has another deployment, so he'll miss all that stuff again (just this time it's my vocational school graduation). To add to it, no one understands how girls like us feel. They can't wrap their minds around getting married so young, especially to a military man.<br />
So yea, I know what you're going through. I know what it feels like.<br />
But I will tell you, it does get better. I can't say it gets easier, persay, but I can say the pain itself eases.<br />
The only advice I can give you is to wait it out. I know there'll be some days that seem longer than usual, but there'll also be days that simply zoom by. Stay positive about everything because then all negativity and shadows will fall behind you. Take my word for it, your love is worth it and everything will be okay.<br />
Head up, sunshine. <3<br />