Times Change.


I am Beki. 19 years old and I'm British. I had some family problems in 2007, so in 2008 I moved to Bahrain with my mother, step father and now 6 year old brother. I had a year of partying, meeting new friends and trying to decide what I should do with my life. Then came April 2009. The bars in Bahrain are just full of US Navy, usually very lurring and drunk, so I tend to ignore them. One night a friend of mine ended up wondering to a table to speak to two young navy men, and I tried to ignore them. An hour later I was sat having a great conversation with one of them whilst the other played tongue tennis with my friend. An hour after that I too was playing tongue tennis haha. Sadly, the guy I got close with had to leave after 5 days, but we emailed, and he was a great friend, and he explained his best friend was being stationed in Bahrain for a year. I had recently just turned 17, but I have always been mature for my age. I thought best to ignore the navy guys again and spent May 2008 avoiding a bar which I knew this new guy would be. But the last weekend of May, my friends dragged me to the bar, and an hour into the night I had somebody tap my shoulder and smile and ask if I was Beki. I could have said no, but this guy was gorgeous so I said yes, and realised instantly, he was the guy I had been avoiding. We then ditched my friends and went and stood alone talking for 2-3 hours! We swapped numbers and I thought that would be that. He then had to leave for curfew and 2 minutes after leaving (he was staying in the hotel ABOVE the bar!!) he text me a simple "sweetdreams gorgeous" I'm usually super shy and run away from men. The next 3 days were spent constantly texting and calling, then he asked me to meet him again, and I suprised myself when I agreed. I took my brother who was 4 at the time with me, and we went to Mcdonalds for lunch (classy huh!) and I spent the entire time translating what my brother was saying as our British Accents were too much for this US guy! This was a Wednesday. He explained it was his friends leaving party at the bar we met at that night, so I agreed to meet him there. That night, after hours of talking, we discreetly went for a kiss in the middle of the dance floor, all of a sudden around 50 plus people started cheering, whistleing and clapping. We loved our first kiss! I then met him again outside the navy base thursday, and friday. And on Friday we were celebrating with some friends. I have NEVER rushed into anything before, and only had 2 sexual relationships before, and Nathan, the man I'd fallen for, had just had his heartbroken. Anyway, the end of the night ended with us in his hotel room in bed together and after an hour of explorering each other (June 4th 2008), realised going home was too hard, so I spent the night with him. We woke up and had breakfast and so it began, I spent most nights in his hotel room, sneaking in past the hotel staff as they didn't agree with it, and we were inseperable! I would walk in 120 degrees heat across the dessert area to get to his hotel from my house every day taking 20 minutes! Then he moved into a villa with his twin brother 5 minutes from my house! And I spent pretty much every day and night there. I cleaned his villa, we had constant house parties, we found a new born puppy in the sand and raised her. We were great! Then we had a pregnancy scare in November. He explained he probally wouldn't stay with me as he wasn't ready for that stuff and it broke me heart. We distanced our selves a little, his parents sent me a christmas gift and we spent the next few months pretty much as sex friends. I also moved with my parents even closer to his villa, so I spent more time at home. Then in February, I had another scare, and he too said the same thing. I thought I would ignore it. I had my 18th birthday at his house and I then threw him a suprise birthday that April for his 22nd birthday. The next few months we started discussing him leaving which would be in August, and I was so hurt. I had fallen in love with him and he was leaving me. Then he suprised me in June telling me he was staying another year, and we flew out to California so I could meet his family, and we told them we wanted to get married. Luckily they couldn't agree more. We never got engaged though. Upon returning to Bahrain at the end of August, we got an apartment together. I had JUST got a job teaching reading at an arabic school too. In October, I became sick, and we both knew why. I took a pregnancy test and I was definatly pregnant. And neither of us could have been more shocked nor pleased! After a few weeks of deciding what to do, I told my mother and she took me to the local hospital for a test, I was 9 weeks along and instantly knew I was having a little boy who I would love. Christmas 2010 we spent at my parents house, and at our 13 week scan the doctor showed us our little boys man hood and congratulated us! We then got told on Christmas Eve, Nathan was being sent to Japan. And again I was crushed. I was about to be left to raise a child! We tried finding out how to get married, because if I was found out to be pregnant and unmarried I would be sent back to the UK. And he was going to Japan!
The natural disasters hit and his orders were canceled. We got sucked up into the pregnancy. I was going to fly to England at 28 weeks along and wait with family then move back to Bahrain with my mother, then we would both move to America in 2012.
Somebody Nathan works with explained we could get married without getting in trouble so we took all advice. May 24th, we stood in a town hall in Cyprus, and said our vows. We did it with no family and spent a week in the local areas around Cyprus. I am now 34 weeks and 4 days pregnant, and our little boy is getting ready to make a show. Nathan is choosing new orders and we have never been happier!
We also have a pug puppy!!
I may have missed little bits out, but my pregnancy brain makes my mind go blank often!!
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how cute your love story was. We're not yet married but we're planning for it sooner as what he said. Anyway, more power and more Blessings to come for you guys!

It sounds like life is working out right! HUGS, livingwell