While my husband is deployed, I am moving back home to be with family. I have a hard time keeping friends out here where my husband is stationed. Seems like every time I make a good friend they are either getting re-stationed, getting out of the navy or just start to distant themselves from me...mostly because they all have children or have started to have children and I don't have any. Don't get me wrong i love kids but there are some things that i get invited to that seem like something that I shouldn't be involved in..for example I went to a friend of mine sons birthday party..other ladies where asking which kid was mine..when I said that I don't have any children, that was the end of the conversation and like I had nothing in common.
Now that i have dedicated myself to this move, I can't decide if we should put everything in storage or if just getting rid of most of our stuff and starting all over when I get back.
Most of our stuff is second hand..things that our parents had that where given to us...
What do you do when you you keep the important stuff and start over later or is paying for a storage unit worth the money?
amber1626 amber1626
22-25, F
May 16, 2012