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I saw so many women with hubby's in the navy so I wanted to post this.  Maybe we can all connect & support each other.  My hubby is currently away and i'm expecting.  So please join!

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Hey congrats to any of you expecting moms :) I'm a brand new mom myself with a husband in the Navy. Its not been so hard for me, since my husband's job only requires him to be gone for only about a week at a time every month. It's definitely not easy all the time by any means. I think I'm having the hardest time not feeling a lot of support. I really need a friend who is in the same place as me. However, its not easy to find someone in a new city with a newborn and not having a job. If any of you have any advice on the area of friendship I'd love to hear it!

hey my name is chrystal is chrystal my husband left this saturday for deployment on the uss john stennis this is the first deployment and im having trouble with it and i just want to be able to talk to people who are going through the same thing

My husband is on his first deployment and will be gone for 6 months. I am 29 weeks pregnant and due September 29th. He will not be back till sometime in December. It is really hard to not be able to talk to him and for him not to be here for the birth of our son.

My husband just came back August 6, 2010 from an 8 month deployment and unexpectedly left again May 1, 2011 and wont be home until January 9, 2012. Im due December 29, 2011 with our first baby.

my husband just joined the navy he is in basic now im 15 weeks pregnant and im alone because its 81/2 week of that then he as 10 weeks of A school

My husband is gone on a deployment right now also, I know how it feels. It's a hard time here as well.

My husband just left the 19th and will not be back till march 19th of next week. I am a young bride of 17 and its the hardest thing I have ever done. I recently took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I am waiting for my medical insurance to begin so I can go to the doctor. The stress has been buliding up latley.

Well first i wanted to say congrats on the baby! My husband is also on deployment, has been now for about two months.<br />
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congratulations! my husband is in iraq right now

Hi, My name is Chewy. My husband is leaving for 6 months this Oct. 15, 2007 and I am 6 months pregnant. and girl i know its hard when your husband is gone.. for me its not easy because im pregnant with my first baby. and his leaving this oct. for the thing is that when he gets back from this 6 month his leaving again for 6 months or more.. =( i been crying about it and i need alot of support..