How It Happened

So my husband of one year and five months has recently joined the navy. I love him dearly. We had our first son 4 months ago tomorrow and he was 2 months premature. He is very healthy and growing strong! Shortly after our son was born my husband decided it was in our familys best interest that he join the United States Navy at age 28. The day he came home and told me what he was planning i didnt know what to think, say, how to react. I would follow this man anywhere. So a few weeks later here i am wishing i had had a bigger voice in his decision. Wishing we held on a little while longer, not rushed into it so quickly. He deploys for basic training November 20th. And while I am grateful for the time we still have together before he leaves, for everyday that passes by it gets harder to fall asleep. Watching him next to me i know in a short time he will no longer be there. I want to stay strong for our son but i feel myself breaking everytime i glimpse into our future. Packing up leaving family and friends behind to live on a base god knows where with god knows who is terrifying. You here all these stories of military families that just fell apart under the pressure, i dont want to be among them. Dont get me wrong I am so proud of my husband, and i have a newly found respect i cant even put into words for the military and their family, i just hope i can find some of that strength military wives have all over the world and hold it together come november 20th for my loving husband and our beautiful baby boy.
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Being a Navy wife can be a scary thing sometimes. As long as you have each other everything will work out. I knew my husband before he joined the Navy and it has made him a better man. No matter where he gets stationed there are support group and people that can help you. Please keep me posted on how you are.

You will :-) You do it because you have too. Your other option is to not be strong and loose him forever. Time will fly! I can't say it will be easy but it will be worth it!