When You Got Married?

When you got married was it hard? My boyfriend and I have been together for two years. We have lived with each other for a year and a half because he lost his family in a bad accident. He went into the Navy for me because he wanted us to be able to have a good life because he had no where to live to go to college. He drives home every weekend which we are thankful he is able to do. We want to get married but we keep finding reasons to put it off. The biggest one is not have support because we are only 18 and 19. It's frustrating because he joined for OUR life together and now I feel like that's not what we are getting. He's been in almost a year now. I know that there is never going to be a convienent time to pick up my life and move. But do you think we should just go for it? Or keep planning and stressing all the little details? Did any of you Navy wives have to just finally say enough is enough and just do it?
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1 Response Nov 25, 2012

I have been a Navy wife for almost two years. My advice is if you know for certain that he is the one and you will never want anyone else then marry him. My husband and I dated two years in high school but split when he enlisted. He was sent to Japan and we lost contact. 6 years later he looked me up on facebook and we reconnected. He was transferred to VA and when he came home on leave we spent the day together and realized that we still loved each other. I had two weeks to pack up my life and move to be with him. It was the best decision. I have ever made. We were married two months after I moved down. He got married at the court house then had a big ceremony back home later on. Keep me posted on what you decide and how you are.