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Hi my name is Sammi and im 19 yrs old..My husband just got stationed at JEB little creek Fort-Story base and i just wanna meet people. Im new to military life as a spouse and it can get pretty lonely being away from family and friends.Id love to meet other navy wives.
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Hey Sammi I just got married December 19 I am 26 weeks pregnant and my husband just went underway for a month. I am also looking for more military wives that could understand a little better. We are around the same age if you want message me and we can chat and I can introduce you to some if my friends around here (:

Sammi, my suggestion is find a church near by....GREAT NECK BAPTIST off Great Neck Road (runs between Shore Drive and Virginia Beach Blvd, down Inlynnview away from WAVE CHURCH. We have many Navy families (one husband is in Korea...again), active, ex-Navy, and retired. We're small....250 or so members and you can't get lost here. We're very supportive of our military wives/kids while the husband is off running around the world. You can find out about us at: We're not a DRESSY church so don't let that stop you. And if you ever need a ride, someone will be glad to pick you up.
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My husband is stationed in CA and it does get so lonely being away from friends and family! If you ever want to talk, feel free to message me :)

Hey Sammi! My name is Haili and my husband goes to boot camp at the end of January. Since we are the same age and going through a lot of the same things I figured I'd contact you :) Hope to hear from you soon!

i would really enjoy that:)