Always Told To Watch For Sailors

I grew up in virginia beach, va. surrounded by the navy, my grandparents are both retired navy, all of my older relatives are retired navy. I was always told to watch out for those sailors, it probably didn't help that I was a DD at 12....
However after going to school I came home at 23 knowing no one. So I did the socially unthinkable and joined a dating site. However every sailor who moved to va friendless had the same idea... My first date was lovely and sweet and perfect. But we had no chemistry as a couple. However after such a success as making a new friend I had hope. 1,000 terrible dates later I met a man who was goofy, and affectionate, smart, handsome- a total dream. And yet again another navy guy. So it seems I was born here for a reason to find him. And whether or not I went away to school I still met him.
Alittlenonesense Alittlenonesense
Dec 5, 2012