Confused And Worried...??

Hello! My fiancee which will be leaving in a few months for navy we've been together 7 yrs just haven't officially "tied the not" but will when he comes back from basic then my son and I will move to wherever he will be based at. Hopefully Norfolk Virginia, Anyways I was wanting input. I am unemployed and was wondering if the money he will be making will be enough to make it on? I only get $180 a month & can't go to work for a while so needing to know inputs??.. And any other Information or inputs on anything would be greatly appreciated- Please & Thnx!
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Hi, I've been a Navy wife for almost two years now. It will be a struggle for a little bit but if you're careful and watch carefully you'll be okay. I'm in almost the same situation. I have a bad shoulder and can't find work. A friend (who is also a Navy wife) has be babysit her son. It will be easier when you get married it will be better. He will get extra pay for have a wife and a son. What my husband and I did was we got married at the court house then had a family ceremony back home later on. That way I was able to get free medical care and everything. Also he will get more pay if you don't live on base. Let me know if you have any other questions.