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Hello Everyone! Here is my story...
My boyfriend is 21 and I am 22. He just joined the Navy and we are getting married on Feb. 11 2013. He is going in as an e3 and he is going to Great Lakes for basic in May. Afterwards he is going to Pensacola for school. What will happwn after that? We have a place together and I want to know when will I be able to live on base? How long will he be gone if he is on ship first? If you have been through something like this, how do or did you cope? Should i be worried about everything?
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My husband is actually going to the same places as your except in july. Hes trainug for aviation, hes goig in as an e3 as well. Also I saw you asked a question about bah, yes you do get t while hes in training, and it comes 2xs a month 15th and 30th. I hope this this help, stay in contact

I will!!!

Congratulations on your engagement! Basic is the hardest part, which I think makes everything else that gets thrown at you a million times easier. My best advice for surviving basic is to write, write a letter whenever you feel like there is something you need to get off your chest, or whenever you are missing him, it will give you a place to vent, and if you don't want to send it you don't have to. As far as school is concerned, Pensacola is a good thing, at least from where I'm sitting, my husband was in Groton, CT for school, that is where they send anyone who needs to go to sub school on top of A school. Since he won't be going to sub school you should be able to move once he gets his "blue" liberty card which shouldn't take more than a few months and depending on availability you may be able to move into a place on base that soon, but keep in mind BAH, you may be able to find an affordable place close to base, and use BAH to cover the cost of rent/utilities. My biggest advice is do not worry about or wait for anything, instead of waiting for news, or contact, or plans, expect to not get any of those things and be thrilled when you do get them, I'm not saying those things don't come but they are usually few and far between, and waiting for them will just drive you nuts. Good luck with everything!

Thank You for your advice...It really helped me out. Please continue to stay in my circle for more advice and help. :)