New Us Navy Girlfriend

I am going to make this short and sweet. I really want to become friends with some Navy girlfriends/ fiancees, and wives. I would love to support you and have your back through all the hard times and let you do the same for me. Let me know if you'd be interested. :)
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Hello, I am a newlywed Navy wife and would love to get to know you and share support and friendship with you.

Welcome to the family. I have been a navy wife for almost two years now. I knew my husband before he went into the Navy and it has helped him mature. Mike and I were high school sweet hearts but had to split when he first enlisted. He didn't keep in touch for 6 years while he was in Japan, then he was transferred to Virginia Beach. He came back to our home town on leave and we spent the day together. He realized that we still had a real spark and he asked me to move down with him. I said yes and we were married two months later. I have to say being a Navy wife or girlfriend isn't always easy but as long as you stick together and make decisions as a couple you will be fine. There is always other wives and other people to meet and you will meet other friends no matter where you go. I have made great friends here but we have to move again. I know that I will always keep in touch with them and make new friends wherever we end up.