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Hello my name is Brittney. I just recently got married back in october of 2012. Just a few days ago my husband left for basic training. I am having a very hard time dealing with this. My husband and I have been inseparable for the past 2 and a half years. I've been trying to talk to friends and family but they aren't really helping. My dad was in the navy for 6 years. So far hes been the worst person to talk to about this. According to him my husband will meet women from all of the U.S at bootcamp and that should make my husband have a easier time in basic training. Also, when my husband goes to school I wont be living with him til after that. So according to my dad they all party during that time. So far all anyone has told me about my husband and the navy is just negative. Please help!
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You cant listen to everything people say. Especially when it comes to your relationship. If you have trust and love eachother I wouldnt stress about that because honestly there is so much more that will stress you. My husband has been in for 1 year and is still in school sowe are apart. The distance is so hard for me lately and the not being able to plan. MZDREE is correct the busier you are the better and it helps,. You still are gonna have your bad on number 3 in a row this week =( you know your relationship better then anyone dont let other people get in your head.

Do Not Listen to everything people tell you! I had the same questions and concerns about my fiance. I asked tons of Military wives about their experience, and some were negative, but most were very positive.

I learned that I need to keep myself busy when my fiance goes to Basic and any other places that the Navy sends him to. You have to learn Independence. I know that it is easier said than done, but you have to keep working on it. Try to do things that make you happy(besides being with him).

Things that I am starting to do in order to keep myself busy while he is away are: I try to workout almost everyday, find hobbies: go to the park, meet new women to hang out with, go to a Zumba class, clean from top to bottom, visit family etc.....Just do things that make you happy!!!

Hope this Helps

This does help and I greatly appreciate it :) Thanks for the advice!

Hey there darlin!
my husband is in the Navy as well! We are stationed at Oceana. It isn't that it gets easier, just gets more routine. I have had this life style now for about 8 years. No different than any other job, I promise. You are strong, and you will start to become adept to the military. There are not any special words to offer, as I know nothing makes it better. My husband is gone off now and somedays... I want him here so badly.
If you would like to chit chat, or if your in my area, I am happy to hang out! Send me a message, we can talk.

Wow thats a long time. Thank you for this! I will message you most defiantly! Its good to talk to someone who has been through this other than my friends (who have no experience with the all). Btw, my name is Brittney :)

it was a great advice Levart. You are a wise good woman. I hope a very good life for u

Sorry babe but your people are telling you the truth, I was that guy at Basic Training and I was the one who had the Women from all over, I also was NOT married, so if your Husband LOVES you he wont be tempted buy the females who try to catch a Career Man.

I know he loves me. I also know that he wouldn't cheat on me. I just want to hear something positive. My dad (who was in the navy) was like that too. He cheated on my mom several times. I just want know some good things so I dont have to sit here alone and worry about crazy stuff. For example, like the officers holding their mail, and me never seeing him again.

Sweet heart keep your head Up, he NEEDS you to be strong for him while he is away, I know it gets lonely but he MARRIED You because he LOVES who???? Y O U ;) He is missing you as much if not MORE than you are him. Just keep a routine going ( writing him ), do your part to REPRESENT YOUR HUSBAND Babe!

Thank you so much! I will defiantly do that. I know I don't know you but just talking to YOU has made this experience so much better and i thank you for that.

Well you are very Welcomed, I wish you a VERY long and HAPPY Love filled Marriage...and plenty Babies, make lots of beautiful children... by the way I'm Marvin.

Well its nice to talk to you Marvin. He most defiantly wants children haha but I really do appreciate this! I know i've said this a lot but thank you!

you are welcomed, good night!

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