I Am A New Navy Wife

Hello all,

I recently got married (December 30th, 2012), and my sailor is in the nuclear engineering program. He left for basic January 14th. My heart is broken.

Tell me it gets better, please.
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Hey there...I'm going to second what the other posters have said. It gets better. Basic is really tough, on both of you. My husband is also in the nuclear engineering program - we're stationed in Saratoga Springs, NY right now (after being stationed in Charleston, SC for a bit). If your husband left for Basic January 14, he's getting close to finishing - and that's great! Make sure you're still sending him tons of letters - my husband told me that receiving letters was the only thing that got him through some days at Basic. I gave his address out to anyone and everyone who would take the time to write to him - even if it was just a card. At the time, I was teaching - I even had a few of my students who wanted to write him letters. His dad would always tell him how his favorite sports team was doing - it's little stuff like that that they don't hear about while they're in there.

And graduation is one of the most amazing experiences ever. Are you planning on following him to Charleston when he gets out of Basic?

I know when I was in your position a little over a year ago, I had no idea what was going on and I felt so lost. If you want someone to talk to and compare notes with or anything, let me know. I'm definitely not an expert, but I've learned a lot during this last year.

Good luck!

Things will get better. I was recently married in October 2012 and he left for basic training jan 15. I felt like i was going to have a breakdown here with out him. I still feel like that sometimes. However, this website has helped me so much! Feel free to message me. Talking to people on here who are going through the same thing as you will make you feel so much better. I promise! My names Brittney :) and I will pray for you and your sailor :D