New Navy Wife.

My husband and I recently came to the decision of becoming a navy family. It has always been a dream of his and as his wife I knew I couldn't not let him go for his dream. Today he swore in and is off to boot camp.
We are expecting a baby boy in April and he graduates end of march so I have been on edge not to mention very lonely with these extra hormones.
Does the separation get easier in time? Is there anything I can do to help this feeling?
I'm trying to stay as busy as possible but it doesn't seem to be helping.... We have been apart for 2weeks now because he moved me back to Florida before he left so I could be with my family also because he will be attending A school in Pencacola FL and the move from my home town to base will be easier/shorter. Any help would be greatly appreciated because I don't know anyone who has been through this.
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It does get better, especially once he can begin communicating with you. However, You should be thinking long term as well. Meaning once he is out of basic. Being in the Navy, he is likely going to be deployed at some point. You need to ensure that you have something else to bring you happiness outside waiting for him to be able to talk with you. You may go long stretches without talking with him. I would recommend having a part-time job doing something you enjoy, picking up some hobbies, or becoming involved in community service. Become involved in the community once you move to a base. The healthiest relationships (especially military ones) arise when both participants have at least some independent healthy pursuits and joys. Then when you are together, you can enjoy your relationship and your interests. It also gives you something to talk about and share with one another. I have seen many relationships in the military, and they are usually not easy, but can be very rewarding. The ones that work are the ones where one person is not always waiting on the other. Work hard, talk to one another as much as possible, and remember why you fell in love!

I will keep that in mind... My husband and I have the same hobbies, witch is nice because we relate so well. Once we are in A school I will be giving birth to our son and he wants me to be a stay at home mom for the first years of his life so having a life outside of that i imagine will be hard.. He has a year of school before he gets his first orders. The cheif in the navy office told us that with his job he shouldnt get much time away except for sea duty....

Do u mind if I ask what job he chose? I'm in your same position. My husband and I have been married for 8 yrs, have 2 kids, and established careers. He's always dreamt of this and I feel that I need to encourage him before it's too late. Life is too short for regrets. But it's very scary for me. I'm terrified, actually. I am VERY independent but we've never been separated for more than 2 nights our entire marriage and our children are not accustomed to their daddy being gone. He too is looking at school in Pensacola. I really hope to make friends there. I'm such a social person and honestly, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm strong enough for this. I've heard such horror stories!

It does get easier! My husband has been gone for nearly 3 weeks. Eventually, he will get to send you letters and even call you. When he first left it was really hard but just talking to others who have experience with this navy stuff really helps. Feel free to talk to me anytime :) it really does help and as soon you get that 1st letter you will feel so much better. Also, write him everyday! Im sure hes missing and worrying about you and it would make him so happy to get a letter from you!

Thank you... I have already started to write so when I get the address I can send them to him. About when do they get to start calling?
I am still waiting on his phone call to let me know he's arrived at boot camp. He's plane was delayed 2hr so I keep staring at my phone waiting for it to ring.
I sure do hope it get easier I haven't slept in days.

Its no problem :) I didn't get the call when he arrived to boot camp til like 2 am and he called me when he landed in chicago and that was at 7pm. I've heard that sometimes they wont get to call for a few days but that doesn't always happen. They usually let them call as soon as he gets to boot camp. I know that its hard but be patient and always keep your phone near you. I haven't got his 2nd call yet. I got a letter for my military i.d today and he put a small note in the envelope and he said he would call me soon. So i dont know when lol But I was just like you! I didn't sleep much for the first 4 days. But you should get some letters from him within the next week :) and that will make you feel so much better.

Its hard because I am a hour ahead of him now... I hope that he will be able to call again once at boot camp. He called when he landed and since than I have been staring at my phone. 4 days I wish it was for days I am now going on 7nights of maybe getting an 1hr a night, I thought that with being pregnant I would be able to sleep but thats not the case..3weeks and no 2nd call thats tough. I just want the 2months over with already. I am not the most patient person when it comes to my husband..... I am so looking forward to letters and the ocassional phone calls.