New Navy Family

For the past year and a half my husband decided to take a step to join the navy. We have heard so many things been told so many times when he was leaving why he couldn't leave, gotta lose more weight, this job is over manned, he needs a higher security clearance, EVERYTHING!!!! Finally today was the day. Well yesterday, we found out we were having another boy!!! Then we spent the last few hours together just talking and crying. We have been through a lot in our relationship and marriage. Not to mention with our 15 month old son now. We dropped him off and I fought back tears. We had to go home without him. I kept waiting for him to come up the stairs. Make my son laugh and just comfort me by being there. At least my son was able to go to sleep without his dad and sleep on through the night. ;( I wrote him his first letter and tried to get a good nights sleep too. Today my mom son and I headed to MEPS to watch him swear in. Then we met him at the airport and sat for 2 hours. Time flew by! Pretty soon we were walking him to the gate. I fought the tears when I knew this time it was for real. Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones but I really didn't know it would be this hard! I'm crying on the drop of a dime! Patiently waiting for the call that he made it safe. I'm praying I won't be so emotional throughout these few weeks. Today had been rough!
Twealee49 Twealee49
26-30, F
Jan 29, 2013