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i am erin,

and me and my husband just got married in october before he had to report to his next duty station and he is getting ready to go out on a deployment.. he is on a sub and will be out for 3 months and we are having a baby that is due march 31,2009 and i am going to be having the baby were i am currently living..i do not yet live with him and i was woundering since he is only going to be out at sea for some thing like 50 or so days then that means that there are only 50 something days that he will be home before his net deployment. right? and i did the math and the baby will be here after he has already left for his next deployment..but he said that he would still get his this is kind of confusing.

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ohhh... im sorry maybe he will get to be there... my husband is out to sea right now... i cant wait for him to come home... i couldnt imagine how i would feel if i were expecting... keep your head up and hopefully he will get to be there.... if not you could have your mom tape it for him .... maybe not from a view of down there but maybe up by your face like if he were standing next to you.... message me anytime... yeah navy husbands are always out... if they are not deployed then they are training ... or having 24hour duty

it is confusing yeah but as a navy wife u have to add underways, training excersizes, deployments n other things they always have to go on my hubby has been in two yrs now n he is going on his second deployment now which is so crazy but if u have any questions go ahead n ask any of the navy wives!!

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