12 Years of Navy Life

hi, It all started when I joined the navy in 1997. I was in for 3 years after I married DH, I got out. we lived in hawaii and had or 1st child there, early years were easy and care free being a navy wife. husband made it up to E6 by the time we moved to washington state in 04. he decided he would apply for seaman to admiral and got picked up for it. We both thought  it would be a great time! well its not! but we are tring to muddle through as best we can and hoping every day that it gets better. our marriage is very strong and we are a team. officer life is much harder than enlisted, a lot more B.S and ego's enlisted life he actually had more freedom to work!! weird I know but thats how its been so far.

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hi welcome to the site u will love it great women on here to help u with any questions

Applause to you vern757 -- not many outside the trade would recognize the road you and your husband are on, maybe a few inside would not even know -- but almost everyone who has worked with and respected the officers with former enlisted duty (most were LDOs in my day) misses how critical their spouses are to their success, and -- even more so -- the price you ladies pay.<br />
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Make sure he treats you right for it.