So today my husband left for his first deployment in the Navy. He'll be gone for 10 months and I am terrified. I hate the feeling of being alone.

He's new to the Navy, he left for bootcamp in February of this year, and I saw him for his graduation + the weekend after it. Then he had to go to ASchool, which was also in Great Lakes. We were able to talk everyday, texting, skype, phone calls and what not.

This time he's gone for even longer with extremely limited communication. I am from California, but most of the people I used to call friends stopped talking to me due to the fact that my husband and I had a kid young. Our daughter is going to be 3 this year, and of course he's going to miss her birthday. I am also about 6 weeks pregnant. I was just wondering if there was any one that lives near Temecula or Wildomar that would want to be friends because otherwise this will be a long deployment
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My husband left with that group as well. I'm in San Diego however :(

I live in Murrieta, which is only minutes from Temecula.

I'm not from the area but if you ever need someone to just have a conversation with you can message me and we'll go from there:)

Thanks. It's just really hard to be pregnant and take care of a (almost) 3 year old while he's gone for so long..