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I'm 23 years old and my husband & I have been married for almost a year. He just recently signed up for the Navy.  He's been in boot camp for about 4 weeks and then he will be going to nuke school.  It's exciting, but very scary too.  I'm pretty nervous about being so far away from my family.  I also hate not knowing what's going on and how easy it will be to get a house on base.  It sucks not knowing whether he will be going straight to a school after boot camp too.  I just started getting letters about a week & a 1/2 ago and I'm hoping maybe I'll get one phone call soon.  Any tips on how the first move works and about housing on base??

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Thanks for the comments!! I write him constantly and I will be going to his graduation!

My husband was at Great Lakes this past summer and I agree - WRITE!!! The letters were soooo important (according to him). The letters kept him going. He was only allowed to send out mail on Mondays and phone calls were few and far between but sooooo precious when they came. The first phone call we had we said nothing to each other but "I love you and I miss you." When I hung up I completely forgot to ask how he was and what it was like.<br />
Graduation is awesome and should not be missed!<br />
Congrats and my prayers are with you.

Well congrats first of all..and write to him as much as possible it will help him out a lot...bootcamp gives guys a chance to think so writing helps..also about the housing situation there are wait list and some are months long ask him to look into that as soon as possible and if its to long for u you could always get off base housing they give u plently of money to pay for rent.

take it one day at a time, one experience at a time and always write to him, even if its just a card. If he passes boot camp, then go from there. If you add all your concerns now, you won't get to enjoy it when it happens.