Long Distance Beginnings

I Am a Navy Wife.  However, we started out in the "deployment" phase - so I pleasantly (and not so pleasantly) understand the everlasting effects of distance on a relationship.

We met on the internet in 2006 and developed a gradual and remarkably immature relationship until 2008 when I finally decided that I had HAD enough of being polite and told him "I fancy you."  He asked me to marry him.  We hadn't even met yet.  I was genuinely thrilled!  Problem: he was stationed on the East Coast and I was mucking about in the Prairies.

We spent the next year meeting every 3-4 months for brief interludes.  Our first meeting lasted three weeks in September of 2008 and I really was not interested in it ending.  I watched his plane fly away.  Christmas REALLY could not arrive early enough that year.  Christmas, happily and sadly, came and went.  I cried for two days straight after leaving Southern Ontario.  Then I THREW myself into work and waited for him to arrive again in April.

Then - came the five months of separation.  We decided that due to financial burdens and responsibilities, we would forgo a mid-summer visit and wait until August (and subsequently, the wedding) to see one another again.  Five months is a long time.  A loooonnnggg time.  We knew August 14 would be a day of reckoning.  We figured the world would end as we collided.  (Thank goodness it didn't.)

He whisked me into his arms and made me his wife on August 29, 2009.  Then, two days later, he whisked me out to the East Coast with my four cats to set us up in our new military housing project.  We spent our time together in bliss; we cooked, cleaned, adorned the apartment, went on road trips, and finally felt "married."

Then three weeks later, he was gone.  Overseas exercises deployment.  I watched his ship sail in and out the harbour on two separate occasions.  I could not even say "Goodbye" one more time.  This is going to be a long five weeks.

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I also met my Navy honey online! :) We aren't married (yet) but I loved your story because I can somehow relate to the "meeting lone" and "mucking about" for a long while due to the distance between us (even though the distance was only two hours). Due to our conflicting work schedules, we're not able to see each other as much as we'd like but we literally talk on the phone throughout our entire days and until I move to where he is (currently applying for jobs there) this will have to do.<br />
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Again, I loved your story and I wish you and your new family (kitties! :) the absolute best.

This is EXACTLY like my story!!!!!!! I met my Husband online in 2006 as well..He was in Iraq at the time. He was so mature and charming for his age...I am 6 years older, and I told him no for months because he was too young and too far away..but, he was very persistent and sweet. I made him scrapbooks, journals, bought him clothes, a hot plate and spices (cause he could get steak and cook it in his room) and a fiber optic tree with hand made ornaments) I got my hair cut one day and he wanted some of my hair..so I had the lady cut a longer piece in the back under the rest of my hair so it wasn't just pieces of cut hair..lol and I put a bow around it and sent that, pictures etc. and I had NEVER felt so in love in my life. He is so smart and good at his job, that I have great respect and admiration for him.<br />
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We were planning our wedding for Valentines Day, but he was involuntarily recalled to active duty and we had to rush our wedding, because he has been deployed to the middle east....they changed the destination, date he was leaving etc. so he flew me out to where he was training because he thought he wasn't going to be there as long as he originally thought..so I rushed to get out there and found out the next day he'd be there much longer..so I was EXTREMELY fortunate to spend so much time with him where he was staying before he left..I was able to get him ready in the mornings, (you should have seen me chopping vegetables in the bathroom sink with a plastic knife so he could have snacks while on duty) lol was pretty comical..and we had to move hotels TWICE during this 2.5 weeks and moving everything WITHOUT a rental car because his Govt. travel card hadn't come yet and the rental place wouldn't take a bank credit card..so I had to take a cab onto the ba<x>se..lol and be questioned on why I had so many bags..lol and the first hotel we changed to was a motel..no luggage cart, no elevators..and we were OF COURSE on the 2nd floor...and then the front desk guy gave me bad directions to our room, so I was all the way across the parking lot making multiple trips for nothing...(My Husband was on duty while all this was happening) I was carrying 2 C Bags, 2 Back packs, 2 computer bags, a suitcase, my purse, and 2 bags filled with groceries for our room...well,and we only stayed at that place for 1 night..so I had to do the same thing the next day..luckily this time I had a better cab driver who actually helped me, and we were staying on ba<x>se starting that night. One of the Chiefs who knew my Husband was checking in at the same time and helped pull the luggage cart to my room...<br />
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Then, they told him his departure date, so I set my flight back home for the day after so I could spend as much time with him as possible and two days after I booked my flight, they delayed him 48hrs. So, he had to get himself all ready and drop off the rental car alone and he was pretty emotional it was hard but made me feel needed to hear him that way.Once I finally got home, I stayed up until 4am when he arrived at his first layover and got to see him on web cam and could hear him and chat with him..then he called me with someone elses phone when he got to his destination. And we've been married almost 3 months..but the first month and a half he was training, then I got to come see him for the last two and a half weeks or so before he left.. I have 6 months before his 2 week vacation..and looking below I see a "I moved for my husband' link...I moved to the middle of nowhere away from all family/friends to be with him..before we got married, now I'm stuck here and don't know anyone. We've been together 4 years, and lived together for 2.5 years..but still, we just got married..I miss him so much.

Ahh!! Finally found girls like me! My husband and I dated eight years ago as youngsters and then hadn't talked for 8 years. Two months ago he was home on leave, we reconnected and then I had to watch him leave to go back to San Diego. About a month later, he flew me out there and we got married. Now he is getting ready to leave for an 8 month deployment. I live in the Midwest, so we've only been together for a week since we've been married, and that is when I was out there. Another issue I have is I have a child from a previous relationship and I would love to move to SD when he returns but I don't know much about how that would worn with custody...if anyone knows anything please let me know!!!

Hi, I met the love of my life not too long ago. I have been previously married and i know what im getting myself into as far as that goes. but as far as the navy thing goes, i am scared to death. How do you ladies handle it. I have a story kind of like yours. We met on the internet, havent met in person yet, but u know u love someone when you know. Its tough already. He leaves for a 2 month deployment in a few weeks. then another month deployment a week after he gets back from there. then in march or april is the 6-8 month deployment. Im not sure how to handle it. any advice?

My husband will be a lifer, yes. He loves the Navy and will be going for MOG5 screening this fall (screening for the Submarine Testing courses) ... and yes, he is a doll for taking in all these cats! We have four. Good thing he likes animals :P<br />
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We're hoping that the screening process will keep him at home for a while...but we're not certain of much yet. We'll get through it, though! :D

Your story is so pure and romantic. Thanks for sharing. I am glad you only wait 5 months for your hubby to come home, unlike American military wives. Can't imagine having my husband deployed, especially if there were children involved. Is your hubby making a career of military service, as in planning to retire from the military? What a man that took in all your cats <br />

As a Navy wife you always feel like your just biding time until his return. But it goes by so fast when they are home.

Thank you. I can't wait for the ending, to be honest ;)