Anyone Been To Japan?

Hello! I am extremly new to this. I was searching for a site to discuss stuff with other Navy wives and found this one! My husband has been in the service for almost 8 years now and he is currently on shore duty but his orders here are up later this year. We have been together since before he joined so my whole married life has been a navy wife. I understand alot of how things work but we have talked about possibly taking a tour overseas. I have heard great things about Japan and would love to see Italy or Spain to! I think I am more willing to than he is but the way I look at it is it would be better to do now before my daughter is school aged. Not many jobs give you the opportunity to move to places like that . I have founbd out that Japan is an option for him but need info! I have searched and can't seem to find any reliable info. Any one out there been stationed there??

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If your man is on a ship in the 7th fleet in Japan, these ships visit all the asian ports and infidelity is very high. These guys are at sea for months and then pull into thailand where there is an abundant of women waiting for the ship to arrive. It is very easy for a man to hook up. Even right outside the ba<x>se in Yokosuka the local japanese girls flock to get with a navy man. The bar area outside the gate is called "the honch". So, being in Asia can be a big stressor. Know what your getting yourself into. Even with a lot of trust in a relationship the temptations can be overwhelming for a man.

We are currently at Yokosuka and love it. There is a great community feel if you look in the right places. There are kids of all ages and it really seems like a family friendly place. The seventh fleet is very hard working and tend to go out more often than some other ba<x>ses seem to.

yokosuka sucks.. i don't like our deployment here. his been in the navy for 15 yrs. we just got married a year ago (on the 15th) life in the navy sucks for me

there is a base in japan called Yokosuka. It is very nice and I think you would enjoy your stay there immensly.