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I and my bf who is in the navy is about to get married but we dont know where to start. since i'm not american but I live in USA. Does anyone have an exprirence on this? he told me he might need a permission to get married. do we really need a permission before we can get married? 

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you're welcome. Hope that helps!

Thank alot that help.

haha no worries 3in1try! I had to do some research about this a few months ago so I was overloaded with information, thought I should share it with her to save her time ;)

Thanks for clarifying that WT. I wasn't sure and was thinking they were getting married overseas. I wasn't thinking about the marriage being in the states. :)

I can relate to you since I came into the US as an international student 6 years ago and met my fiance over 5 years ago.<br />
I will answer your question to the best of my knowledge. No you don't need to get a permission to get married here in the US. All you need to do is to go to a city/county clerk office with your bf, get a marriage license (bring your ID/passport and some cash), wait for a certain amount of time depending on your city/county's regulations, and then have someone marry you guys whether it be a church official or a judge.<br />
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And then the real hassle begins. In order to change your foreigner status, you need to submit some paperwork (form I-130 & I-485) in order to become a PR (permanent resident) which you can change into a green card in 2 years. It'll cost roughly about $1,400-$1,500 and those paperwork needs to be filled out and submitted by your husband. You will need either your birth certificate or an official copy/notarized version of it. The Navy have free lawyer services and you can ask questions as well as asking for guidance in this case. Oh and don't forget to submit the paperwork to his superiors as well to start receiving the BAH (housing allowance) and to get your military ID.<br />
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I am going through the process right now with my fiance who is in the Navy and we're going to get the marriage license tomorrow so I will update you if anything else comes up. Good luck and congrats :)<br />
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Source: http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis or call your country's embassy office and ask them questions. Google all the things you want to know about, it's easy!

I'm not sure so I am responding a bit hesitantly here. I lived in Germany for 6 years - 4 with my dad on active duty and 2 when I was stationed there. I remember some of the guys I knew who married German women and they had to go through their command. I would have your boyfriend talk to his command (using the chain of command) and ask them what he needs to do. I hope that helps and wish you both all the best!