Navy Wife In Norfolk

My husband, of 6 years, and I have been in VA the whole time we've been married.  Unfortunately are stuck here for at least another 3 years or so.  Is anyone else in VA?

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Hello, my Navy husband and I moved to Newport News 6 months ago. We are adjusting. I really hae not developed any social life here. I am currently a stay at home mom to our two year old. I didn't want her in a daycare so young, but with that decision comes the isolation and loneliness. My name is Jenny, nice to meet you ladies.

My husband is stationed here in VA Beach at little creek. We live in Hampton..don't really know many other wives

Im scared lol

I am moving to Norfolk VA in two weeks, i am getting married to my fiance and he is in the navy.

sorry to hear that. I was born and raised in Hampton, right across the water from Norfolk, dont know where you live, but I do miss my parents who still live there, i dont miss the traffic, or the attitudes there!!! We finally got orders 4 yrs ago and got the heck out of there as fast as we could! my hubby was stationed there basically 10 out of his 15 yrs. soooo, I feel your pain, (guessing you dont like it there) while I visit as often as I can, but we do have 3 kids who are in school, so that is limited as well to basically summertime and when there are 3 day weekends, no spring break this year, we get to go to his parents house instead....but if you need anything, like something interesting to do in the area that you dont know about, just ask, i might know of something, i do still know a lot of people up there.<br />
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take care