What Can I Do

i also a navy wife married for 3 years now but this past 4 months many things happened my husband dont call me and dont know were i contact him now at all, but he still he never stop his obligation to but i know that oblgation is not coming in his own money cause we have A BHA ,to this situation my husband doesnt treat me as a wife anymore he just email me often only to ask if i receive the money and for all signature that he will needed to me like tax return,i really love my husband but the situation that we now is really hard me,i know he doesnt want to stop our BAH because he can get money in there to his own purpose,cause i tell that i want to give our housing here in philippines cause i think it not right for to stay there cause he doesnt treat me as a wife anymore,and i can take anymore this situation still i really love him,and dont know what to do now ,i just need an advice,thanks...

hazecord hazecord
26-30, F
Mar 13, 2010