Okay, I'll Start...

I consider myself to be quite the negative person.  I learned it at a young age.  The way I was raised, it was always to accentuate the negative and ignore the positive.

I'm fully aware of it. I try not to force the way I am upon others. People are free to be positive people. 

I enjoy semi positive people. Keeps me grounded.

However, I rarely if ever see the "bright" side, my mind always goes towards the worst.

I don't look forward to things, easier not to be let down.

I can list a thousand bad things about me, before I can think of very many positive things.

It's just how I am.
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3 Responses Jun 1, 2007

I have been like this at times and understand, i think. I am 49 and ran into such a harsh wall in my life with negative thinking a few years ago. I found I just had to get more positive in an outlook i had that was negative, or i would end. just kind of built up and up over the years. found it was a real turning point. vague but interested, Ian

Just because you were raised that way, doesn't mean you have to keep that state of mind.

and still your mood today is hopeful. maybe you are not so negative after all.