I'm A Nerd But....

I'm getting so f*cking sick of these hipster losers putting on fake glasses and calling themselves nerds.

I'm a nerd because I love books, I love nerdy books and tv shows and movies like Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. I'm a nerd because I use proper spelling and grammar and correct people when they don't. I'm a nerd because I'm good with computers. I'm a nerd because science (especially chemistry) was one of my favorite classes when I was in school. I am not a math nerd, I hate math.

So I'm proud to say that I am a real nerd, but due to stupid hipster b!tches, I am sad to say that I very well may be giving up the 'nerd' title, and replacing it with 'geek'.
TessaDarling TessaDarling
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 7, 2012

AHHH! Finally! Someone speaks out against those hipster nerds! Whenever I meet them, I'm like if you don't live up to the smart-ness your outfit suggests, you better get outta my face!