My now enemy jlynn kept on bullying me with the "Stop. don't talk to me. major loser, wannabe." Well, i'm NOT a wanna be, i'm a girl with good grades/nerd girl period.
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Good for you Hun, walk with pride, and get a fantastic career and go places... Best of luck in all you do x

thanks! i will! You all are wonderful people. I mean it. you guys are so nice to me =3

As the old saying goes "Haters gonna hate"

yep. probly she hates me cause i have a candy named after the group i'm in. NERDS!!!! Herp Derp.

You a gamer? Lover of Sci-fi?

Gamer along with my 6 friends! only one is a boy but i don't like him

Just be yourself!:)

thx! And Jlynn should mind her own buisiness. I was only gonna give her cheer advice cause i used to be a cheer leader

Give us a cheer!

I'll do a simple one. Bixby spartans! *clasps 5 times* =3