I Am Taking It Upon Myself To Archive The Nerd/Thigh Questions When I See Them, For Posterity

Here is one from a year ago:

Do you think my Friend could probably KILL/STRANGLE me with his LEGS?

My friend is 17-18, he's a pretty big (6'0 or more) but very skinny, pale dark-haired guy. He's clever and he looks adorable. He swims as well and he's super-nice!! Anyway his thighs are about 6-7 inches thick. (Rough estimate) He pulled his pants up and showed me them before. His calves look fullish, skinny but with some muscle/fat. His legs in general are pretty long and flexible I guess?. I don't know about his thighs but I guess they're sort of hard, since they don't really squish out much while he's sitting. His legs also stretch quite far when he walks and he's a VERY FAST walker, and can get over things because of his legs easily like tables, things blocking his way etc. He's a good example of a modern nerd/geek (the glasses, clothes, facial features, etc). So, IF he tried to do it (not like he's going to or would!), and get me into a Figure 4 NECKSCISSOR (which restricts) air, and not let go while putting on a lot of pressure, would he kill me? With air intake being restricted how long would it take to die? would it be quick? and would it feel good or bad?


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1 Response Feb 8, 2013

Ha!...a male version of Xenia Onatopp for sure!Xenia is a James Bond character in the movie Goldeneye. She was a villan of Bond (Peirce Brosnan) and while in a sauna, attempted to kill him with her thighs wrapped around his waist. It's a pretty intense scene as she gets aroused by this.<br />
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVmHgf3u1PQ<br />
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Oh yeah...as far as breathing?...forget it...itll be difficult if at the neck. The quadriceps (thigh muscles) are pretty powerful. You can get out of the lock by striking the 'common peroneal' with your fist...its a group of nerves on the inside of the leg right above the knee. If ya hit it just right it'll cause temporary motor functionin the leg :-p