I Am A Nerd Of My Own.

I looked up the term “nerd” and looked it up at dictionary.com
This is what I got:
1. A stupid, irritating, ineffectual, or unattractive person.
2. An intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit

Those are TERRIBLE definitions. If I could sue I would. I am neither of those people. Who wrote that definition should get killed my rioting nerds. Lol.

I consider myself a nerd yes. If you saw me walking down the street you would think not. I call myself the fashionable nerd. Yes I wear glasses, I hate science and math is my worse subject but I make up for it but LOVING history. I am almost always being seen with a book and telling everyone random weird facts plus my rather large vocabulary. I love dressing up as character for anime, TV shows, or even books I have read. I have no shame that way.

 My friends call me preppy but I like the term girly more. I have learned to accept that I am prep but I am one to prove the stereotype wrong. I am in fashion plate club at my school and degrade my image by being seen in public with the rich snobby b*****es (for the sake of fundraisers). I am also in the dance team. I am the only white girl in our black dance team. Not that it matter I just think it’s funny because you can never miss me in the crowd. Also I have to do that booty dance while being white for some reason to me is hysterical. My boyfriend watches me in awe how I am white but dance like a black girl quite well.

Anyways back on topic. When I associate with those girl they tell me how nerdy I am because I am usually carrying a book around while eating my lunch while they…well don’t even eat lunch but fix hair, makeup and etc. With my nerd friend who are my hang out group in the morning and my true friends. They just comment how preppy I am, with how I take an extra long time doing my touch ups in the restroom or even in the middle of class. So I swing both ways between the two groups. I guess I am a preppy nerd. This translated in my own language “fashionable nerd”.
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Aug 12, 2010