Is There Any Other Way?

I am such a nerd and I know it. I love reading, video games, computers, and the Discovery Channel. I will gladly act the fool in public. I still watch reruns of Boy Meets World and Lizzie Maguire. I have an inappropriate crush on Daniel Radcliffe just because he is Harry Potter.

I enjoy being a goof. I can't say I always did, but am coming more and more to be comfortable with just being the nerd that I am. I encourage everyone to embrace their own nerd factor. It's definitely a fun way to live.

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4 Responses Apr 10, 2007

wow how do u do that bc i cant i just started a new school

boy meets world ftw!!

boy meets world ftw!!

There's nothing wrong with having a nerdy factor. I have a huge nerdy factor heh. I watch a hell of a lot of anime, play computer games, go on web forums and stuff, but that's just one aspect. It's not like I dress like or act like one, I have a real estate job, a girlfriend, a band, I do other things than just nerdy activities eheh. But I can be a huge geek sometimes and proud of it!<br />
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There's nothing wrong with keeping in touch with your inner nerd! Being a nerd can be a hell of a lot of fun sometimes.<br />
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Good on you