Well, They Said That..

My groupmates are constantly saying that I'm a nerd. And... maybe they're right..
Look, I'm almost twenty year-old girl. I haven't bf, I can't communicate with people in real life... I have The One Ring and gryffindor scarf. I have also a 3-seconds rule (if somebody touches (hugs, shakes my hand and so on) me more than 3 seconds I become nervous and angry). I like books more than people, I adore studying,i love math and physics (but i haven't such subjects in my university program, because i'm studying foreign languages), when I was 10 year-old I dreamed about working at IT support =D, I spend my free-time playing video and PC games, reading comics and science fiction books, watching serials, instead of partying and walking with friends. And only few people can understand my jokes.
oh! and furthermore I wear glasses...
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3 Responses May 19, 2012

Don't you communicate with people in games? I prefer games to a real life too but I have very intense in-game communications.

" I have The One Ring and gryffindor scarf" !!!!!! MAN i wish i had friend like you!!

Handshake. Good to see a nerd lady. :P

Haven't met any nerd lady :(

in person