A Bit On The Shy Side, But Still

As the title suggests, I am quite shy due to home schooling at an early age. Of course, that schooling unlocked my brain in some way, because my nerdy behavior started there :P Once I got to public school, 'Minkus' was pretty much my name, still is for a few people.. I decided to be a programmer when I was 15, my innate ability to tinker behooved me in this conquest. :) I was introduced to Star Trek at a young age, and so my love for space began as well :)
Poke'mon brought countless hours in front of the TV, affixed to the awesomeness unfolding haha.

So currently, I'm a student in college, sophomore year, going for(you guessed it!) video game programming :) It's so awesome, putting games together from bits and bytes, making things like I played on the NES and Atari as a kid. In fact, we just recently made our own versions of Pac-Man, talk about some work. It truly is a dream come true for me, and the best part is that there's a whole class full of people like me, eager to hammer out countless lines of code! I'm more of a PC gamer now, I enjoy fiddling with files and settings on PC games, seeing what setting does what, what improves the game, what crashes the game, etc...

Science and technology intrigues me, as does anything related to space exploration, I could read about cosmic entities for hours :) For these reasons alone, EVE Online is by far my first choice for a great game(No Pay2Play hater will change that!). And computers...I love tinkering with parts of every kind, pushing them to their limits, and upgrading what I see fit :)

Being a nerd is great, and so what if my social life took a hit? At least I'm not faking myself, I'm in raw, unprocessed form!! I just hope there is a girl out there with as fragmented of a mind as mine :P
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Jan 13, 2013