Nerd Since 2nd Grade

I am a nerd. I have been one since 2nd grade.

Yes i have be bullied for it too your not alone if you are one.

I have been made fun of for it. i was laught at in 3rd grade for beeing a weather geek
i said somting about a cloud out in frount of my whole class i felt like i will never have frends aftorwords.

fourth grade was worst becuse i made one of the bullys cry so then they woud eather call me names or give me wedgies.

I am a weather geek, music geek, computer geek.

I don't get as bullied in sixth grade as fourth grade but i know it is coming becuse i am in middle school and i relly get bullied tords the end of the school year.
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Jan 17, 2013