Nerd Or Geek?

I never know which one, they seem like they have slightly different meanings. I'd say one knows a huge amount about a particular subject and one just loves finding out about things - anything, just revelling in the pursuit of knowledge... Which one's which,  I couldn't tell you, but I'm definitely the second one!

winstonwelles winstonwelles
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5 Responses Oct 22, 2008

I think you are just you, and thats cool

I know I'm a geek. Nerds have a knowledge of certain things that other people may not find "useful", hence why they are nerds. Geeks are people that are "obsessed" with certain things and may have a knowledge of that thing from their "obsession". Ever hear the phrase otaku? Otaku is someone obsessed with anime, video games, and comic books, but are usually referred to as anime geeks. And no, anime geek does NOT mean weeabo. And not all otakus are looked down on, negatively. I can't stand weeabos and I consider myself and otaku >_<.

When I think of nerds, I think of antisocial bookworms who would rather stay home and turn on discovery health than go out with friends... Like myself 8-) and when I think of geeks, i think of someone who dedicates their lives to computers and technology and who giggles at the stupidity of others and their lack of knowledge of gigabytes and hard drives :P nerds are just old school, typical A+ students trying to survive without getting pushed into a locker and geeks are like nerds on a technological steroid. Geeks think they're pretty cool because of their extensive knowledge but really, theyre just annoying :P You sound like a nerd to me *NERD HIGH FIVE*

I agree, your description sounds like a nerd to me.

You're a nerd.