Self Proclaimed Nerd

I am constantly stating how big of a nerd I am, and to be honest I am damn proud of it. It is a tag I wear proudly because I can think of a whole lot worse. It is fun to find people just like me and frustrating when you actually find somebody who looks down on you for actually embracing the nerd inside.

I love to watch and talk movies, I watch way to many TV shows like Heroes and Lost, never get me started on video games, and I enjoy a good fantasy novel. My idea of a good party always involve some type of video game (Wii Party anyone? ;P)

I used to be ashamed of being a nerd especially when I started college and it seemed everybody was drinking and partying. Now I have found many friends who share the same interest and now we can party and drink with our video games. lol.
Anuzen Anuzen
18-21, M
3 Responses Jul 10, 2007

lol Maybe. Most of the parties I go to now are like that as well.

I think I must go to a nerdy college, because I am pretty sure that everyone who goes to drink and party also gets together and plays super smash brothers and wii.

If we look deep enough... there's a little NERD in all of us! =} Say it loud, say it proud! (see, there's my lil' bit!)