Nerdy Is Beautiful

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
palinura palinura
36-40, F
4 Responses Jan 13, 2007

Maybe in a parallel universe we are.

true dat.. im a nerd but im a very populr nerd..i hang out w/ "the cool crowd" but im the nerdiest one of them all....but ill nevr forget wen i was a nobody....

True that, true that. Nerdism is the best way to go! For me anyway... LONG LIVE POKEMON!! (And I am not joking I seriously love pokemon.)

I actually like the label of nerd , to me that has the conotation of being extremely intelligent. I would like to think I'm fairly smart but when I hear about comments from people who find me nerdy, I am convinced others recognize my intelligence. If they mean it in a derogatory way I don't care it still means they perceive me as smart.