Everyone Tells Me...

This year I've been doing very well. My grades are the best I've had in my whole entire life [so far]. I've gotten straight A+'s for two semesters in a row and I'm workin' hard to keep that up. Everything seems so easy to me right now *knock on wood* and I just seem to be getting good grades. I actually do my homework! Oh my gosh! What a surprise!(: lol, I do very well on tests, quizzes, and projects. I may not look like a nerd but on the inside, I'm probably a big nerd in my school. Just because I do well on assignments doesn't mean that I'm absolutely in love with going to school. I hate going to school; waking up for it, working, writing, testing, etc. but it's what's gonna get me into a good college and what's going to get me a good job. And just because I get good grades, doesn't mean that I haven't bombed other things. I've gotten a few 40s, some 50s, quite a few 60s, and some 70s, but I'm a perfectionist and I have to get an A or above otherwise I will freak. I almost got a B on my mid-terms and was freaking out, I was seriously about to go home and cry. My dad "trained" me that way or so he says. His grandma, when he was in school, would never accecpt anything other than 100s, even if they got 99s she'd be like "That's not acceptable!"..I think my dad was harsh from 4-6 grade then when I started to get more grade concious, he started to lay low and watch me, thinking that it's good that I'm so determined to get good grades...Outside, I may be loud and obnoxious but on the inside, I'm just another nerd.(:

stripesANDsunshine stripesANDsunshine
18-21, F
Mar 17, 2009