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I posted a question the other day, for all to see...  But I really want to ask me mateys...  What is your worst, most scariest nightmare?

My post as an intro to the question was:

As a kid my worst nightmare was from a "spoof" of jaws. From about the age of 9 I haven't been able to take a bath - I shower all the time, but no more baths. I was afraid of this monster thing that would come up through the drain, it had a sharks fin on its head, and when you could see the fin, it was too late. The head was full of razor sharp teeth, and it would grab your feet first and just rip you apart as it chewed you up and slowly ate you...

My favorite answer so far is:

Posted by welanga Jan 6th, 2011 at 4:49PM

I once dreamt I was chained to a wall in an empty, cold dungeon - I could see a gloomy hallway leading off to my left, and from it there were the echoes of slow, booming footsteps - I was terrified! I never did see who was walking towards the dungeon, only recognised in the dream that whoever it was intended to hurt me or worse, and so I screamed, which was the end of it.
This was actually one of the earliest nightmares I remember, as I had it when I was little, but it remains vivid in my memory!

Another good answer is:

Posted by davidhan Jan 7th, 2011 at 5:25PM

Being trapped in a medical examiner table and having my organs removed when I was still alive.

But I think the author Stephen King actually wrote a short story about this... 

I haven't gotten any more answers yet, and I was wondering about my Pirate buds...  I know some of you have some really messed up answers, and I am looking forward to hearing them.  Don't worry if the question expires, you'r answers will be fine in the comments section of this story...

If I go into fiction, I was thinking I would like to write something about real nightmares, and not a documentary, but to try and put them all together, and maybe see who will survive if we were trapped somewhere together, and our nightmares came to life...



MichaelDuMaine MichaelDuMaine 36-40, M 12 Responses Jan 8, 2011

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I'm 13 and last night I had a nightmare. It was horrible, I woke up crying. The dream was that I was arrested&couldn't see my family any more. When I got to the prison it was not a normal prison, It was dark&scary as if it was a dungeon or a psychiatric ward. I was alone in the prison and was being watched on cctv all the time. My hands were up in the air and cuffed to a long,heavy ob<x>ject. I was cold and dark and sometimes I would manage to get out of the cuffs&run away, but there was no where to run to, when I did run I was a red mist around me&was chased and put back on the ob<x>ject with the hand cuffs. This continued for a while&I could feel myself going insane in my dream. I requested to have a bath, be moved to one of the beds with the teddies, to call my mum, write her a letter and to have a light switched on as I am scared of the dark. I had nothing to eat or drink and when i called out no one came. I started crying in the dream which woke me up and when I woke up I was crying a lot. Opinions? What does it mean?

It sounds like you saw or read something that scared you enough to think about something you did and are really afraid of being punished for doing it... The best thing for you is to tell someone you can trust, and try to figure out a way to handle it without getting into too much trouble. Some things may remain a secret forever, but you need to talk to someone, otherwise it could drive you crazy... Not that I know anything, and I'm not big on interpretations, I just love scary things...

The link doesn't work...

that's terrifying... you should read my story here...but in my story ( it really happened) there was NO mistake it wasnt a is a link<br />
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Odysa,<br />
<br />
That sounds really bad! I like it! I can feel the terror, as I can relate - somewhat. I was playing hide and seek with a foster brother, and it was just after the "Nightmare on Elm Street" came out... I had been hiding behind a bush, and I saw him go around the back of the house, so I decided to break cover and head for the "ba<x>se"...<br />
<br />
I got around the bush, and heard something behind me... The moon was full, and bright. I was afraid, but only a little, more that I didn't want to get caught - so I dropped to the ground and turned to look up. I was blinded by the light of the moon, and could only see his silhouette... He was wearing a "hoodie", and I could not see that he had a face at all. I got really scared, and took off running - smart me, I ran INTO the woods, even knowing what Jason Voorhees did and all... I just wasn't thinking.<br />
<br />
I knew my way through the woods, and there was a barbed wire fence where they skirted the street. i had jumped it so many times I didn't need to be able to see to know where it was at. He then tapped me on the shoulder, and whispered in my ear "Michael, I am going to get you." I think I screamed a little, and doubled my speed - but I was already running as fast as I could! I made the fence, and he didn't even try - he knew it was there, but not the same as I did. By the time I was in the street, I looked back, and he was gone - I would have been terrified, and wondered about my sanity if he wasn't sitting in the living room laughing about it when I got back to the house.

my scariest nightmare comes in several forms...but always the same idea...that old woman,short, wide and stooped, dressed in black... her skin is drooping on her face...abnormally bronze- dark brown... she is dressed in black clothes that are draped over her...she has those shining eyes always fixed on me and scary dry hands...and I know she wants to hurt me...maybe feed on me....that is why she walks steadily...but slowly..towards me.<br />
but I cant outrun her or escape... I'm paralyzed, forced to watch her get closer, and closer...till I can hear her breathing and see the pores on her skin... I wake up terrified<br />
in a few dreams I'd run and escape...but I get tired and need rest....she DOESNT... so she always catch up with me...worst time was when I went to get a good night sleep while hiding in the dream and woke up to her face right up to mine...i screamed and woke up

@ BT - dude, you better make sure they are hidden, buried, or in the attic - wouldn't want you going down again!<br />
<br />
@ stoner - dude that has to be pretty bad, as the earthquakes and tremors have brought down many bridges, and if it's a big one, the people crossing have no chance at all. I saw a pic of a bridge collapsing on a ship, and sinking the ship... Man, oh man.

Mine is similar to PP's: I dream of being on a high bridge as it starts collapsing. Likewise, I do not have a fear of heights, and used to rockclimb.

@ Sam, it's okay. Falling is a very common nightmare. I've had that one several times, and I'm not afraid of heights, either. I used to jump out of trees, and off the roofs of buildings... At my last JOB I was working in a warehouse, and we had 12 foot shelves. I would jump off of them as well. Yeah, could have gotten fired, but I didn't. :-)<br />
<br />
@ Vampyre, thank you for reading, and I'm sure that all happy, positive, sweet Vampyres do not remember the bad nights at all! ;-)<br />
<br />
Thanx for the comments!

I hear you bro!

lol i know bro ... but hey im hounddog leader of the dog pound ... and i also know its a dream and not reality ... thats what keeps me on the move cause i have no time to think if oim to busy lol

Dude, that has got to be the number one worst nightmare! <br />
<br />
I know that it is bad, but if you are ever in that situation for real, call me - **** everything else, I will come to your rescue. I will kill whomever has your *** on the line. That nightmare will never come true. I guarantee it! <br />
<br />
You know what I have done, and I can still do it. Your family will never be at risk. I love them all as my own... Well, one of them isn't at the top of my list, but I will save them all. You know I'm just waiting for the call.<br />
<br />

dude bro i told you over the phone one of mine i have sevral.. the one that visits my dreams the most is that im a contract killer and a contract is drawn on my kids and i am forced to accept the chalange of killing the ones that i love and cherrish the most sadly enough i normaly dont wake up from this dream till most of my whole family is dead by my hands and my whole family knows when i have this dream thats usly when i get drunk and end up in jail or in a ditch some where you realy dont know how close that dream hits home and the things i did when you were locked up to survive