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Not Sure About New Age, But Definately A Pirate!

Love racing my sailboat offshore..........along with a bit of piliging, drinking flogging and wenching and a box full of fine cigars!
scoundral scoundral 41-45, M 3 Responses Feb 3, 2011

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howdy..eeer umm that is... i mean welcom aboard .. sory this month ive been stuck some time off the coast of texas i have discovered new words like yall and beer and bekinie.. sory ill be better soon and welcome

Scoundral, Welcome aboard - you will love it here, we share stories and experiences with each other all the time! We are crew mates, ship mates, friends and family! We travel on all types of vessels, and share each other's ships! Captain Ayne founded this group, and her ship is our preferred vessel, but if you will have us, we would love to travel with you as well!<br />
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Love the video - Barrett's Privateers is really cool!

Thanks to all! This is one of my favorite pirate songs.......very authentic from a nautical view<br />
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