On Da Bus, Disappearing Through The Wormhole, Darkly.

Gathering for one last trip though the wormhole, our pretty pirates get onboard.  The list is called.  Names are posted on the Just After St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Wall of Remembrance. We’ve not posted pictures of the departed, because we don’t know what they look like.  They are fake.  Some died from an EP keelhauling, others chose to walk the plank.

Bahamababe:  You’ve been gone awhile, but not forgotten.  Who could forget that you’re the daughter Nat Rothschild, who has no children.

LuVsKiD:  Now what self respecting little rich girl would hang out with a 16 year old boy who thought wearing diapers was cool.  Its a pity “none of the diaper dudes on EP would play with you” and you had to leave.

Phaedra1:  Oh such a beautiful name for the friend of a non existent person.  We learned from you but did not touch.  What happened to the rest of the sisterhood of the starfish? Or was that sisterhood fish-lips?  I can’t remember.  Sorry you forgot your password and couldn’t delete your profile when you walked the plank.

Ayne:  So lovely, so polite, so willing to give advice to Bahamababe when she sails to Barbados with her non existent father and mother for a Christmas holiday at the end of  January.

DianeofSherwood:  Such a cleaver wench you are, half sister to Ayne who doesn’t exist, you should market your skin cream because you get younger looking with each photo.

LisaTemplar:  School chum of Diane, we didn’t see you much, we guess you were studying up on the templars, since you missed all the references to them in other stories.

Chingsigh:  Our latest addition, slaving away on Cat Island, taking lobsters and such to Bahamababe’s nonexistent parents‘ non existent parties.  Perhaps you should have stayed on Barbados with Ayne.  

Gankster:  Such a cute little thing, all of you, the anorexic one, the ****-star with the hair cut, the cute little naked girl streaking, and such an imagination.  Too bad you couldn’t copy illustrations of yourself as well as you could copy illustrations for your stories.  

DaPuddyTat:  Our genuine model.  even has pictures from a pirate photo shoot.  How fortunate.  And its so nice of you to hang out with the little girl from your neighborhood, Not many 17 year old super model to be’s would hang out with a 13 year old who doesn’t even date.

Prettyflamingogirl:  Our superhero, conceived in a wormhole hot tub, born in an alien lab,  at a non existent university, squeezing through the ethernet.  Who would ever believe that was possible.

Yetibabe:  Our honest little faker.  Nobody is that ugly, well almost nobody.  One of us will miss you most of all.

PrettyPoison: Our razor tongued Vampyre magnet - such a devastating end game you were playing - and to think it was conceived off CR A19...

ApacheGirl: You did a very very convincing job of being Sam's sister.  Even though you used "affirmative" and "negative" in the beginning - at the end you and she were speaking almost as one voice...

Cuddlyvampyre: This is where the true Poison comes from.  Heart wrenching, breath taking, and such a nice butt!  We loved the photos that you posted from Model Mayhem, this was why Michael never asked if you were a member - your photos are already there...  But where are you?

Joliejuliette: It was so sad that you could only understand some of what was being said in the stories...  Or was it that you didn't know enough French to be able to fabricate truer sounding replies?  Manger merde is the real way to say eat ****.  

Jerry, you’ve lead us on a merry adventure from your school in Buffalo.  We enjoyed it and you did a great job.  Put your talents to some creative use and the world will be a better place. You were very consistent with your multiple personalities.  How did you keep everyone straight?  You really should look into writing soap operas...


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3 Responses Feb 22, 2011

And to think I missed it all.....

Thanks for directing me to the list beaubill. I am relieved to see that none of them were in my circle so I really won't even notice that they are gone.

Ok. C'est la vie.