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Nocturnal Lovers

I come to her late at night – when all others are asleep.  She is expecting me, knowing that I wish her no harm.  She whispers my name, so that no one else can hear.  That is all the invitation I need…  I come closer, I can smell the lavender scent of her freshly washed raven hair – so soft and silky, the scent is intoxicating!  She beckons me closer - her doe eyes reflecting the moonlight.  I am drawn to her like a magnet, and I can not resist.  The appeal is too strong, even for someone with powers of the night.
Her skin is soft and radiant, smells very faintly of an exotic scented soap that I just can’t quite define.  But so very sweet and even more intoxicating…  Scent is the greatest of my abilities, but tied very closely for second is hearing and vision.  And she is such a vision!  The greatest poets of the world have never written of such beauty, and I would only discredit them if I were to put it into words.
Her soft, beautiful neck, so well defined, I can hear her heartbeat – such a beautiful song that it sings.  She turns her head so that I may have a taste, just a little one - gently - for I shall never harm this exquisite creature.  She must go out in the morning and deal with other mortals, and I do not wish to draw suspicion.  She moans, ever so softly.  I kiss her on the lips, and taste how sweet she really is – if this were to be the end, this is exactly how I would hope to go!
She bites me in return.  Although she hasn’t been turned, she enjoys the thrill of the bite in itself.  Our desire and passion for each other is strong, made even more so by the fact of our forbidden affair.  Someone else in the room stirs, and mumbles something that even I can not understand.  I can hear the quickening of another heartbeat and know there will soon be activity.  I hasten to kiss her again but try to linger as long as possible.  I must go now, my love, but I shall return soon.  Remember me, and keep me in your dreams until I return…
MichaelDuMaine MichaelDuMaine 36-40, M 15 Responses Feb 8, 2011

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Nice story : =

Not sure how I came across this , because I had thought of vampires as dark and dreery , not exotic and exciting , - Loved it !

Thank you. I try to be as romantic as possible... Somehow it seems to attract volunteers for my blood lust... Mmmnn.. You smell good!

:) ...uh oh - so tell me about the male vampires .... ;)

It is a mystery we do not reveal... Too many posers.

Michael, I see your name popping up all over and just wandered over to see who you are and what your about. I have to admit I LOVE this story. It's alluring in a very mysterious yet inviting way. I'll definitely be reading more of what you write. Plus...I like the whole, "biting" thing!! :D

We definitely have something in common then... I've seen you around a few times, and have liked the stuff that I have seen...

Aww thanks!! :)

Amazing story :) I love it!!!

Thank you, very much. I am happy that you like it. It was one of my first Vampyre stories...

Killer orange?

Dude, just like in the beginning - I have no idea what you are trying to say...

hey bro i see that your friend is back lol.. or is he a figment of my imagination a fifteen year old boy boseing as a big kid still trying to grow up enought to ride the cool rides lol .. ok thats all the ego boost ill give him hey bro im happy that im real and not part of your dreams

Right? Your view on maturity is questionable, to say the least! LOL

I shall, but as for cliche, how else am I to keep our meetings private? I do not wish to have her room mates involved... I have plans to take her on a journey the next time we are together - a mini vacation if you will - and that will not be cliche, or traditional - 100% New Age Vampyre style!

Please continue writing, but the desc<x>riptions are a bit cliche.


It seems that everyone likes it, even the one that I really care for! Who knows, maybe I'll go as Ozzy this year - only no rats for me! LOL

@ bt i dont know ... he kinda looks like he needs a crazy train to run around the hat <br />
@ mdm as i said over the phone good one bro

I do seem to have more than what I thought at first... Thanx for all the support!<br />
<br />
And Bill, I know you liked it, and for the record, you're approval was in no way at all considered swooning... LOL

@ Diane - so true, and I'm sure you do know! Thank you. ;-)<br />
<br />
@ Julie - Merci beaucoup! Understatement is right - I was actually quite amazed at the way the first four comments came through! LOL<br />
<br />
@ Lisa - thank you, so much!!! The real experience was much better for me than what I conveyed - that was our first encounter, and the anticipation almost killed me! :-))<br />
<br />
@ Desitney - Just trying to keep it real. I am happy to have piqued your interest, and I hope that I can keep it... :-)

Well thank you! And YOU!! AND YOU!!! AND YOU TOO!!!! I tried to put into words the exact experience, as close as I could, but I don't quite think I captured it in all of it's erotic essence...