New To All Of This

I'm pretty new to this whole experience. My fiance left for BMT about a week ago. I heard these forums and such are a great way to gain support because everyone on these things understands what it's like to go through the days away from their significant other. None of my friends really understand what it's like to be away from their loved ones. They complain about their boyfriends not texting them quick enough or they complain about the 15 minute drive to get to their boyfriends house. As much as they say they understand what I'm experiencing, they truly don't understand, which is why I decided to seek advice/ support/ etc. elsewhere, such as the experience project. I would really appreciate any feedback about what I should expect in the next seven weeks that he's at BMT, and what I should expect after he goes through all of that. I don't truly understand a lot of their rules/ formalities/ etc., so any information would be very helpful. :]
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

I'm in the same boat! I don't really get what to do or what to expect. But i try my best to give him support. I write him everyday, because i heard they get kind of lonely and just want to hear from family or loved ones. I try to not mention how sad i really am because that would just make him more sad then he might be. i remind that i love him and cant wait to hear how hes doing. maybe try some jokes here and there to make him smile and bring up good memories:)